Like egg protein, but without the chicken: Brewer's yeast protein

SACCHA is a biotech company using microorganisms to create animal free proteins for the next generation of sustainable foods

Proteins that make a difference

We use microorganisms to create delicious and healthy protein ingredients for meat alternatives. Our mission is to produce authentic alternatives to accelerate the transition to sustainable food and bring alternative products into every European kitchen. We believe in a food system that provides accessible nutrition for everyone while preserving our planet.

Much more than just replacing animal protein

Maximum nutrition

Animal Free Animal Free

Soy Free Soy Free

GMO Free GMO Free

Maximum nutrition
sustainable protein

Minimum resources

Compared to beef:

0 x
Less farmland
0 x
Less water
0 x
Less greenhouse gases
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Our source is our name

Brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is not only our starting product but also our namesake It is an energy bundle that consists of almost 50% protein and is full of natural fiber, minerals and B vitamins. Today brewer’s yeast is the second largest by-product in beer production – SACCHA transforms it into the protein source of tomorrow.

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