The most sustainable protein in the world: Brewer’s yeast protein


Climate change, pollution and food security are some of the biggest problems of the 21st century.

We need new technologies and products that enable the transition from linear to circular value chains to solve these global problems. 

(Source: World Resources Institute)

brewers yeast


The most sustainable protein in the world: brewer’s yeast protein

SACCHA is tackling these problems, by using a by-product of the brewing process: brewer’s yeast. Without prior processing, brewer’s yeast and other microorganism are not suitable for the food industry.

For a greener future

Brewer’s yeast-based protein require less land, less water and have a smaller carbon footprint than other existing animal or plant-based proteins.

We believe microprotein – proteins from microorganisms – is a key technology for the 21st century.

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